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Deb-B Seven Chew 

Professional info​

Evolution of a New Luxury, Deb-B alludes to her memories of childhood. Her parents were both living in the middle class, traditional yet refined HUMBLE LUXURY background; these have nothing to do with the wealth,  the branded stuff, the exclusivity or splendour. "We make our living by giving, luxury in the form of intimate GIVING experience," her dad said. She adopted the mindset, Give before we Make.  Deb-B has been inspired by her parents teaching and leads her to set her limitless goal. She believes through higher education could reshape the LUXURY mindset of many. She worked her way up thru rank and file and financed all her studies. Deb-B obtained her  Executive MBA from the Queensland University of Technology and an MBA from Golden State University, USA, after getting her Advanced Diploma in Business Administration from ABE London. She holds a Diploma in Share Trading & Investment from the Wealth Within Institute, Melbourne, Australia. Deb-B is a Licensed Financial Advisor under CMFAS, Singapore and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). She is also the alumni of Oxford University, Said Business School.


She started her career at KFC which seeded her value mindset to deal with corporate. She began her event management company in her twenties and succeeded in some global events and created the GEMS in the entertainment arena.


Deb-B is immensely passionate about supporting people in their businesses.  She co-founder ArcheStem; a company that is involved in Bio-Science, Stem Cells & T-Cells, she has seen first-hand how challenging it can be working with the introverts and the extroverts in the R&D sector. She is continuously learning new skills in the disruptive dimension and has given her a robust visualising strategy at the corporate level. She is also an active Corp Advisor and mentors in the companies that she has invested in it. She is also a member and certified coach from the International Coach Federation( ICF).

As the dynamic thinker & mentor,  she is a gifted rhetorically, which gave her a robust visualising strategy at the corporate level.  Her bubbly character is the tonic that can enthuse alienated with stakeholders & investors.


At the community & humanity level, Deb-B is actively involved in mentoring and coaching. She is one of the mentors for AIM-Australia Institute of Management  (, Futurelab ( & Genius U (  She co-founded Jaydi C-suites and set as the mentoring platform to support the High School Students, Uni Students, Millennial Professional, and Employees.


She was active in the Christian Against Poverty (CAP) program, assisting people in managing and minimising debts. Besides, Deb-B also involved herself in the church building fund and unique project program. 


Deb-B enjoys bonding and spending quality time with her two teenage daughters. Both of her daughters are the pioneers in the Jaydi Youth Program.


Deb-B  valued the saying, 



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