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The Power Of Purpose 



Jaydi C-suites is planning to train a whole group of young red dots - post high schools youth who didn't choose to further their education. The program will be modeled as an apprenticeship with entrepreneurial education and accelerated learning that caters for youths who valued individuality.



At MOC Australia & Global, we aspire to be a leading global investment and incubation platform. MOCA is unlocking the values in people, propelling growth in enterprise. We believe capital is the fuel of any businesses and communities. 


Through our strategic incubation center and a bridging platform, we aim to help companies and entrepreneurs stabilize, grow and thrive while their businesses transform from a sole proprietor or family own business, into an investible and bankable entity. 


MOCA' platform is combining education on the capital mechanism through the cross-broader events. The entrepreneurs share their experiences, meet investors, and conduct pitching on roadshows.


The platform will be able to incubate emerging entrepreneurs and benefit all parties tremendously


Debb is not only a successful business woman but a person of significance. Her generous passion fuelled by her vision and values, sees her investing in others success, thus building a great legacy.


Debb’s can do attitude inspires those around her to new heights. Time with her helps you see further and reach higher. Her clear thinking and solution orientation make her an excellent strategist. A delightful person to know.

Pr Dr Don Easton, Senior Pastor  

Debbie is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I have ever met. To me, she is not only a bold and humble successful serial entrepreneur but also a philanthropist who cares about creating values and impacts on people’s lives! 

She invested in our young company three years ago when the time we didn’t even have promising tractions or sales at all. To a young team like us, you have no Idea how impactful and grateful we were to have such a given trust and opportunity to pursue our undertakings. '

Not only that, but Debbie also brought in her times, her resources and her immense efforts brainstorming with our team about business models, market strategies, collaboration ideas to ensure we sail greater.

Besides, Debbie is certainly a charming leader who possesses a great sense of empathy that truly separates her from the other great entrepreneurs. She is genuine and always a good listener that makes people feel comfortable to open up and work together with her. 

It’s our privilege to work with Debbie and she is definitely the perfect role model for every young entrepreneur to learn and look up to!

Edward Chee, Founder of Camdy 

Astute, elegant and cosmopolitan, Debbie Chew is an activist investor by nature and by practice. It is a role for which she is well-suited, with her broad international experience and seemingly boundless energy. 


When Debbie invested in our young company nearly two years ago, she brought more than just financial capital to the table: she brought ideas, fresh perspectives and networks from her wide international experience in business and corporate finance. These are resources that are invaluable to a young company and indeed, any business. 


Debbie has a knack for spotting potential synergies between seemingly different business models and for bringing disparate groups together with her keen intelligence, dynamic presence and charisma. She manages to be both imaginative and pragmatic at the same time. 


Business acumen and intense drive are not often associated with the generosity of spirit, but Debbie is possessed of all three in abundance. She believes in developing the potential of youth, and so she co-founded a youth leadership programme known as ‘Jaydi’ in 2016. Jaydi has to date successfully mentored dozens of young men and women. Some of the most promising youth talents have gone on to join our company, where they continue to be trained and mentored to grow together with us. 


It is impossible to put a price on the value Debbie has brought to us. From the beginning, she has been - and continues to be - an advisor, a mentor, an ally, and a friend. 


It is a true privilege to work with Debbie. We look forward to working alongside her as we continue to grow.  

Clifford Tan - CEO, Melipoly Holdings Berhad 

Deb-B is a determined person with a strong vision. Very task oriented. She has strong desire of accomplishment. Once targeted a vision, her leopard spirit appeared to aim and chase the target without hesitation. Energetic with full commitment as she work. Efficiently is the style that made her works achievable in time. She possesses adventurous and exploring vision throughout the mission and talented in her six sense that made her more unique and successful today. Being a friend can always find kindness and helpful fr her. She is a great giver

Troy Chan - Eco Biomix - CEO, Jaydi Mentor

Debb is a very successful businesswoman, with purpose and passion in all she does. Professional, highly intelligent, focused on a broad vision to see young people succeed in business, through mentoring and coaching equipping them for success.  Anytime spent with Deb will leave you with a lasting impression of a generous, kind and skilled business women with a desire to see people succeed in business and life. 

Michele Grant, Diploma Counselling


Having Debb in the team is by far the most thrilling and inspiring journey in the company history. With her knowledge, network and ideas, my company has leapt after she became my company advisor.


I was amazed by Debb's bottomless passion towards coaching young start-ups. With her substantial experience, strong business sense and sharp analytical mind, she is always able to dissect problems faced by a company and propose counter strategy effortlessly. She always thinks of a way to add values to every party involved in a business venture and to create a ‘win-win’’ situation in any business opportunity.

Outside of work, Debb is a very kind and reliable friend of mine. She always goes an extra mile to help the people around her. She is someone that I will always refer to if I need any advice, be it in business or life.

Personally, I find Debb never compete with others. She only thinks of how to surpass the person she is today. Moreover, that’s probably one of the secrets of her profound success.

Dr James Loo - Director,  The GiGi Dental Group

We have been collaborating and supporting Debb’s work for the last few years, so we have had a good opportunity to observe her working style, her leadership and her approach. My impressions of Debb is that she is an amazing person, with an incredible amount of talent and drive, balanced with great care and compassion.  Debb is a wonderful leader who is absolutely passionate about mentoring and helping young people to reach their potential. We have seen her dedication to Jaydi and to the young people she works with. She is more than just a guiding hand – she invests her time and her efforts and herself into helping others reach for their dreams.

Shona Leppanen-Gibson

President, Australia Malaysia Business Council Qld Inc

General Manager, Paradigm Infinitum


Deb-B, the delicate lady that's portrait herself at fashionable & elegant always.   She's knowledgeable, energetic, focus, kind & patient in business dealing. Deb-B' experience inspired the Gen Y and passionate to bring them to their heights. Notwithstanding the remarkable business career, we can always see hope and promising future with her by our side.

Mike Chew - Pop Corn Media Bhd, Co-Founder, Jaydi Mentor         

可是这个第一印象却在第二次見面时给打破了。她除了具备一切女强人的特質外,内心还隐藏了一颗善良的心。一颗乐于助人的心。她的待人接物,不擺架子的态度,对事业伙伴的热心帮助,对后辈的热忱提拔。徹底的在她的坚强外表上抹上了一層女性的温柔婉约的色彩。让她的个人魅力更加散发得淋漓尽致。 还有一点不得不提的是她给我的启发。那就是 ' 一个比我成功,比我聪明的人还要比我努力 '。 这是让我感到汗颜的地方。Debbie, 妳是我的学习对象,更是所有人的典范。

Raffles Wong - Founder, Riche Living Space, Jaydi Mentor

Jaydi is one of my important experiences in my life. Through the recommendation from my brother, I joined C-suites program. During the early stage, I was sceptical of this program, until I met Debbie. Debbie'passion and willingness to share influenced me in a positive way. Throughout this program, I have learned and fine-tuned the correct mindset as the entrepreneur. On November 2016, I was honoured to be selected as the leader. Through the guidance of Debbie and Troy, I have created hackathon like case study group for mentees. During the C-suites program, I met heaps of incredible people and given a chance to learn from most of them.  Most importantly, I have learned to be humble, and I found my core value. I am grateful to be part of the Jaydi and looking for more on this platform.  


FS Leng - Properties, Art & Culture, Junior Mentor 

而在台上分享个人的人生经历是本人乐于行使的义务。 雖然没有轟轟烈烈的事业成功故事。但却非常真实。 希望我的分享能夠为年青人带来一丁点的启发。以后在他们的人生旅途上作为指引,减少走冤枉路的机率。对年青人來说无疑是一种福报。于我来说也累积了一些善缘。祝福他们前程錦绣,更上一層楼。共勉之

Raffles Wong - Founder, Riche Living Space, Jaydi Mentor

Debb is an insightful mentor with a charming personality. As her mentee during the Jaydi training program, I was inspired by her mind-blowing character; she is incredibly kind, generous, humble, passionate and professional.  She never failed to lead me to find the truth of a belief. Most importantly, she is someone you can be honest and truthful with.

YK Chan - Industrial Designer, Junior Mentor

Debbie is a very passionate mentor who is helping the young generation in finding their core value and strength. 

After the Jaydi event, I feel the mentors are passionate to teach and guide us whenever we had doubts and helping us to analysis the case studies.  I feel  I can grow further through the guidance given by Jaydi.

Darren - Marketing Diploma Graduate,  Junior Mentor 

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